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5 Step Guide to adding a new blog post to WordPress

wordpress-logoSo you want to post a blog to your wordpress website?

It is very easy to do.

This blog post will show you how in just 5 easy steps.


No.1 – Get to the backend

No. 2 – Begin a new post

No.3 – Change status to ‘draft’

No.4 – Add your content

No.5 – Preview, schedule and publish
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Etiquette and ethics for business on Facebook

Here are 4 basic rules of etiquette to adhere to when using Facebook or other social media platforms for business:

  1. Join the conversation. Network, but go easy on the sell.
  2. Stay positive. Be nice.
  3. Be aware of ‘personal’ verses ‘private’
  4. Try to tackle, rather than delete, negative comments and complaints

sheep chatting

Join the conversation. Network, but go easy on the sell.

Never leave a comment without reading the comments that have come before. Try to add something constructive to the conversation. Don’t just cold sell your product or service.

If information about your own expertise, or a link to your website is potentially part of the solution being sought, then there is nothing wrong with posting that. But never post a sales pitch if it is not in keeping with the comment stream.

Facebook or other social media platforms are not really the best place to sell your product or service. However, by joining in with conversations online, people will get to know you, your value system and your expertise. Continue reading

Google’s new mobile algorithm – what’s it going to do to your website.

An iPhone resting on a keyboard.

There has been a very important change coming in website development. And now, it is here.

Google is making a change that will effect your website ranking.

We have been telling our clients for years: Future-proof your website by making it responsive, because it will eventually jeopardise your Google listing if you don’t.

Mobile responsive design is now a must have.

D-Day has been announced, and it is the 21st April 2015. Last week the Webmaster Trends Analyst for Google, Gary Illyes revealed the possible extent of the upcoming Google mobile ranking changes that will be implemented next month.

Outlined in an article here by Jennifer Slegg, the update is a serious shot over the bow to any website that isn’t mobile friendly.

If you don’t have a mobile ready website already, Illeys said to just “have them ready by the 21st and it will be good.”

Yes, that is the 21st of April 2015. Continue reading

Planning Keywords

Google Adwords Keyword Planner Home Page

Find out which keywords will drive customers to your website

Google Keyword Planner is a useful free tool.

Discover how effective the keywords that you are targeting really are.
A keyword or keyword phrase is the word or phrase that people are using as a search word or term to find certain goods, services or information on the web.

If you have a good idea which search terms your potential visitors are using, then by making sure that you have those words in your web-copy (website text) you can help Google direct the right people to your website.

The way Google works is by sending search robots to scan over your website text. The robots look to see what words you are using to find out what kind of service or information you are offering. That way they know when and where to list your business in the Google results page listings.
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Future possibilities for new industrial landscape in regional WA

Let’s get a conversation going in regional WA about the future of industry and employment in rural areas.

road through trees

Road home from conference on digital futures in neighbouring regional area

Please take 2 minutes to read about the conversation that I hope residents in the Great Southern might like to have about harnessing ‘emerging’ opportunities through ‘enabling’ technologies.
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Emergence Festival relevant to regional lifestyle & business

Digital festival fosters enthusiasm for new age of technology and creativity

emergence festival posterThe Emergence Creative Festival, or Fab Fest, as I affectionately like to call it, was the digital futures extravaganza held in Margaret River, for its second running, in February this year. Continue reading

Should I have a Yellow Pages listing?

Close up of a pixelated Yellow Pages logo

Should I have a listing in the Yellow Pages book?

I won’t be telling you anything you don’t know by saying, this depends on whether you are getting calls or sales from this listing. How you gauge that metric is either by asking everyone who calls where they heard about you or there are call tracking programs that can tell you this. Avanser is one we have used in the past.
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Content Marketing and MailChimp

A letter box with the number 44 and a sticker with the words, no junk mail.

Investment in content marketing is predicted to increase over the next year, this includes the use of newsletters, and there are several reasons for this.

1. It is effective.

Talking to a potential customer from their inbox is incredibly powerful and they are likely to visit their inbox more times in a day than any other ‘social’ space.

2. Builds relationships and trust

Providing useful content helps build a relationship with your potential customers and this is a great way to build trust. People buy things from people they trust. Continue reading

Stanley & Local Networking on Social Media Platforms

stanley discussionEarlier this month John Stanley presented a talk organised by the Denmark Chamber of Commerce. 80 plus Denmark business owners and community members were drawn in by the intriguing headline ‘Home Town, Clone Town or Ghost Town’.

I went along to because I was keen to hear how the enabling technology of the internet was going to be framed in a talk on the future of retailing in my own home town. Small local business owners are a big part of the market that Open Copy targets. Continue reading

John Stanley Comes to Town

Stanley image

John Stanley is a globe-trotting retail consultant, sharing useful insights with shopkeepers and traders on industry developments and technological impacts.

He warns of the destructive potential of multi-national companies and online superstores. However, through the use of online networking, he champions opportunities for community resilience. Continue reading